BookDrive Mark2

BookDrive Mark 2

Setting a new standard in book digitization once again.

Meet BookDrive Mark 2. Our latest,
best designed and engineered model yet.

Years of research and close collaboration with
technical specialists has resulted in a scanner
superior to others in almost every way.

Create images that meet among the highest,
most stringent digitization and preservation standards.

Upgrade to the BookDrive Mark 2

An evolution of the BookDrive Pro, the world's largest selling book scanner. BookDrive Mark 2 has improved upon BookDrive Pro in so many ways you will want you to upgrade.

The 5 key points are:

The Industry Standard

BookDrive is a de facto industry standard of how libraries around the world digitize their books today. A dual-camera “V” cradle imaging system captures images of books and print materials, without risk of damage to the items being scanned. This scanning solution pioneered by Atiz has become so successful that it is widely embraced even by competitors.

Superior Ergonomics, Comfort and Safety

Ergonomics, operator comfort and safety is most important and it has received a major upgrade.

BookDrive Mark 2 is easier on your back, arms, eyes and ears.

BookDrive Mark2
  • No direct light facing toward users

    The lighting is expertly designed so that not only will it produce much better images, but more importantly, the light will not shine directly or bounce off the glass into the operator's eyes.

  • Cool and silent operation

    The new fan-less LED design ensure the operation stays cool and silent the whole time creating a pleasant work environment. Suitable for use in a library and office.

  • Lighting dims when turned off

BookDrive Mark2

Mark 2

No direct light hitting user eyes. Brighter yet more comfortable

BookDrive Pro


Glare is reflected on the glass. Can be uncomfortable over long use.

BookDrive Mark2

Mark 2

Mark 2 has significantly shallower footprint than the previous model. This allows for easier fit on most desks.

BookDrive Pro


The height is raised so that you can get closer without the shade blocking your view.

The "V" System Gets a Major Upgrade

BookDrive Mark2

Better, scratch-resistant V platen

The V platen is made using a premium scratch-resistant material that is more transparent and durable than glass allowing for better scanned images. It is manufactured using a different production technique so that it allows you to scan deeper into the gutter.

BookDrive Mark2

Flexible cradle for thick-spine books

The new V cradle is better and more flexible. The cradle is adjustable, the angle altered and opened apart. This makes for optimal page contact for all kinds of book bindings and spine thicknesses. The self-centering cradle slides sideways during scanning keeping the books centered.

BookDrive Mark2

V platen so light

New V platen mechanics allow for the operator better control of the platen to mitigate risk of operator injury or damage to items being digitized. It is fingertip light to lift or lower. The platen hovers in the air and stays exactly where you position it.

Perfect Light Design for Greater Image Quality

BookDrive Mark2

Better image quality backed up by stats

Even light distribution with no bright or dark spot visible anywhere in the frame.

BookDrive Mark2

Brighter light equivalent to 2 stop speed shutter (compared with BookDrive Pro) and extra sharpness is achieved.

Pro Image Pro
Mark 2 Image Mark 2

non-enhanced image

Pro Image Pro
Mark 2 Image Mark 2

non-enhanced image

Canon & Nikon Support

Designed from the ground up to support both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. both zoom lenses and prime lenses.

Conveniently slide your camera to the suggested position and begin shooting, your camera will be at the right distance

and height perfectly matching the size of the item you intend to scan.

Mark 2 Image

full frame and crop factor cameras

Mark 2 Image

full frame and crop factor cameras

Software Suite 7

Software determines the true productivity of a system and software from Atiz is the best.

Capture 7

1,325 pages / hour

Capture 6

841 pages / hour

Based on Canon 5D Mk II with Core i7 PC

Bookdrive Capture

BookDrive Capture 7

The software that controls the cameras and makes on-the-fly editing to the images during scan.

  • Support both Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras

  • Operator can see Live View and view captured images on a monitor in the correct orientation without additional adjustment

  • Fast shooting up to 1,500 pages/hour

  • In-software camera settings allow you to configure settings such as shutter speed, aperture and other properties of the camera

  • Metadata XML support

  • Various convenient ways to capture: by timed lapse or by using Auto Capture Switch

  • RAW support and a workflow that allows you to convert from RAW files to lossless formats such as TIFF

  • Easily insert missing pages, replace or delete unwanted ones. All the affected files will be corrected automatically

Bookdrive Editor Pro

BookDrive Editor Pro 7

The application for advanced post-scan image processing to create output of the highest quality ready for distribution.

  • Robust enhancement tools and intuitive use interface deliver professional results with minimal fuss

  • Fast Batch processing for unattended, hassle-free operation

  • Multi-book, multi-chapter opration

  • Book Profiling for quickly applying the same settings to similar kind of books

  • Adaptive Local Thresholding for highest quality B&W conversion

  • Verifiable image resolution

  • Support the sRGB color space

  • Capable of providing uncompressed 24-bit color TIFF files that conform to ISO 12234-2.2

  • And a lot more (including rotation, deskew, drop, auto level, brightness and contrast adjustment, etc)

  • Avialable output formats include PDF (single or multi-page file), TIFF (LzW and CCITT Group 4, Single or multi-page file) and JPEG

Compatible Cameras and Lenses

BookDrive Mark2
BookDrive Mark2
BookDrive Mark2

Max scanning area:

43 x 62 cm (16.9 x 24.4 inches)

Max book thickness:

15 cm (5.9 inches)

Product Dimension

Base footprint:

75 x 90 cm
(29.5 x 35.4 inches)

Overall dimension:

120 x 150 x 138 cm
(47.3 x 59.0 x 54.3 inches)


80 kg (176 lbs)

Box Packaging

Box 1:

45 x 145 x 48 cm (17.7 x 57.1 x 18.9 inches)


52 kg (114.4 lbs)

Box 2:

60 x 60 x 79 cm ( 23.6 x 23.2 x 31.1 inches)


17 kg (37.4 lbs)

Box 3:

32 x 102 x 82 cm ( 12.6 x 40.2 x 32.3 inches)


32 kg (70.4 lbs)